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Miracles are only things that happen under laws we don't yet understand....
Virginia Samdahl

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is literally expressed as "Rei" meaning Universal and "Ki" meaning Lifeforce energy. Not a bad thing to have in your tool box when you or someone you love is looking to restore balance and harmony physically, mentally and spiritually into their lives.

Reiki is practiced by over two million people worldwide. Hospitals throughout the US are bringing Reiki Masters and Reiki volunteers into their programs. Dr. Oz recently stated that he allows Reiki to be shared while he is in surgery with patients. He said it helps his patients to relax, surgery is smoother and the recovery time is much shorter without ill effects that some people experience coming out of surgery. Why does Dr. Oz know so much about Reiki? Quite possibly because he is married to a Reiki Master and he is usually up on the current trends in healthcare. But seriously, it truly is becoming mainstream. As Erin shares with her students in Reiki One, there is even a
Reiki for Dummies
manual. Don't believe us, come by the studio and check it out.

Reiki may help you:
Amplify & Balance Energy
Increase Awareness & Creativity
Release Emotions
Release Stress
Reduce and Relieve Pain
Deepen Your Connection with Spirit
Build Community by Providing You with a Valuable Tool to be in Service with

Visit  and the International Association of Reiki Professionals for resources, articles, research and testimony!

30 minutes- $35
60 minutes- $65

(include aspects of Reiki, Reconnective Healing frequencies and occasionally sound healing)
$72 - 60 minutes
$180 for a package of three sessions
Sessions with Erin are either in the studio or can be shared remotely via distant healing

90 minute- $90 
A Healing Attunement is a powerful healing process that blends a Reiki Attunement intended for healing, Neurolinguistic Programming and Shamanic Energy Clearing. It can only be provided by a Reiki Master trained in healing attunements. Erin received her training from William Rand, Director of the International Center for Reiki Training. 

Some feedback from Erin's clients:
We accomplished so much in one session! I can't believe it! I can walk up and down the stairs without pain!!!!! I have been to so many doctors, I just don't know what to say... ~ KS

I have not had full rotation of my shoulder for over 2 years and now I can move it with ease AND I feel lighter, more balanced too! ~ MA

I have been struggling with depression and self-loathing for several years and nothing worked. I feel like I did 10 years of work in 2 sessions. I'm a different person and I am deeply grateful. ~ LB

Click here for information on REIKI TRAINING with Erin

Discover Deep Peace

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