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Chinese Medicine

Used for over 2,000 years, acupuncture is one of the oldest, continually practiced forms of medicine in the world. With it being one of the most researched medical disciplines, it has become well respected by both Eastern and Western physicians.
Acupuncture involves the use of sterile, non-toxic needles into the surface of the skin to stimulate particular pathways of “qi”, a bioelectrical force, in your body, to remove stagnation of qi and blood, which in Chinese medical theory, is viewed as the primary cause of pain and disease.
Acupressure with essential oils is also another means of connecting to the “qi” in the body for those with a fear of needles.

A warming technique in Chinese medicine that uses the herb mugwort, or Artemesia vulgaris. This stimulates circulation and creates a smoother flow of energy and blood.


An acupressure technique that creates a vacuum by utilizing glass or plastic cups over particular acupuncture points on the skin. This promotes circulation and movement through that particular area to help relieve ailments from upper respiratory infections to musculoskeletal pain.

Gua Sha
Massage-like technique using a smooth edge, such as a ceramic spoon, as traditional to China, with repeated pressure strokes over lubricated skin to clear out blockage and promote circulation to that muscle and tissue.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are the aromatic oils extracted from particular plants, and have been used medicinally at various times in history. Therapeutically, these allow us to stimulate the limbic system by activating our senses, and further facilitate the healing process.

 Core Synchronism
A gentle energetic body work developed by Robert Stevens NTS, ND, that uses a combination of osteopathy and polarity therapy. The practitioner uses light touch to palpate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and gently releases any restrictions felt while working on the patient. This can help improve the circulation of blood and oxygen to particular organs and tissues resulting in a reduction in pain, improved structural alignment, and a deep relaxation.

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